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OpenSea Releases Video Teasing That Solana NFTs May Arrive on the NFT Marketplace in April

OpenSea essentially announces that they will be adding Solana NFTs to their NFT marketplace next month via a video that was posted to OpenSea’s official twitter page.

OpenSea Tweet eluding to the addition of Solana NFTs to the NFT marketplace

In early March, we reported on rumors that Opensea may be adding support for the Solana Blockchain. These rumors were based on screenshots taken from the OpenSea website showing Solana’s phantom wallet as one of the supported wallets on the platform.

Solana NFT, Solana NFTS, SOL, OpenSea
Solana Cryptocurrency

The screenshots were taken and posted to twitter by the well known blogger and also hacker “Jane Manchun Wong” who has attained a reputation for discovering and announcing technology updates and features before they are officially announced. With the new announcement by OpenSea it appears Jane Manchun Wong may be proven correct within weeks.

While OpenSea has enjoyed great success focusing mainly on Ethereum based NFTs, NFTs on other blockchains are becoming more and more popular. Solana NFTs in particular quickly became an alternate option for NFT traders and investors who were looking to avoid the occasional high gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain. Solana (SOL) has shown itself to be one of Ethereum’s top competitor blockchains boasting lower fees and higher transaction rates currently.

Currently the leading Solana NFT Marketplace is Magic Eden, however there are several other prominent Solana NFT marketplaces including Solanart, Solsea and Digital Eyes. The cryptocurrency exchange FTX has also recently launched a solana based NFT marketplace as well.

OpenSea adding Solana support will put them in direct competition with these existing Solana NFT marketplaces, however with OpenSea’s familiar platform and massive popularity in the NFT community it may become the leading marketplace for Solana NFTs as well.

Opensea, NFT, Ethereum, ETH, NFTs
Opensea NFT Marketplace

Although the specific date in April was not mentioned in the OpenSea tweet, they did tease the release as imminent. In the 16 second video the text reads “The best kept secret in web3,” it continues to read “wen solana?” among a collage of NFTs before stating, “April 2022.”

When it is officially added, Solana will be the fourth cryptocurrency supported on the OpenSea NFT marketplace, the other three are Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), and Klaytn.


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