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Is OpenSea About to Add Solana NFT Support?

Recent leaked images that allegedly came from the OpenSea NFT marketplace’s website elude to the platforms potential plans to add support for Solana based NFTs.

Currently OpenSea is the largest and most popular NFT marketplace and primarily focuses on Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC) based NFT projects. With the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) landscape rising to new heights and taking in over $25 billion dollars in sales in 2021 alone, OpenSea is well positioned to capitalize on the hysteria in 2022 as well.

OpenSea NFT Solana Ethereum Crypto

Screenshots taken by the well known blogger and hacker “Jane Manchun Wong” who has garnered a reputation for discovering and announcing technology updates and features before they are officially announced posted the OpenSea screenshots displaying Solana wallet support on Jan 25, 2022. She has previously outed tech features before their official launches from top technology sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The screenshots depict Solana as one of the supported blockchains on OpenSea next too the existing blockchains of Ethereum, Polygon and others.

Solana Based NFTs

In addition to OpenSea’s success, some savvy crypto and NFT enthusiasts have branched out to other marketplaces to trade in Solana (SOL) based NFTs which have had their own massive rise in popularity as well. Only launching in 2020, the Solana blockchain has risen in price over 13,800 percent in 2021. Solana has emerged as a top Ethereum competitor in recent years and has risen significantly in popularity in 2021 with some experts sighting Ethereum’s higher gas fees being one of the drivers of that traffic over to Solana. Magic Eden claims to be the most popular Solana based NFT marketplace currently, however some other popular marketplaces include Solanart, Solsea, Digital Eyes and FTX has recently launched a marketplace as well. Solana’s NFT market cap has recently passed $1 billion dollars and has secured itself as a strong competitor to Ethereum based NFTs.


OpenSea recently announced $300 million in investments that will ensure it remains one of the top private companies in crypto and NFTs. OpenSea stated that the investors valued OpenSea at $13.5 billion dollars in the Series C funding round, up from $1.5 billion valuation during the Series B round from last summer. Even with it’s great successes, some market share is lost to the Solana based NFT marketplaces as well as others. A possible expansion adding Solana NFT support into it’s marketplace would align with OpenSea’s vision for continued growth across multiple blockchains. OpenSea recently tweeted:


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