Thursday, September 21, 2023

Crypto 101

What is Aptos? Is it a Solana Killer?

Founded by the developers behind Meta’s Diem blockchain, Aptos' use of a new transaction ordering method has attracted many savvy investors.

What is a Dynamic NFT and what differentiates it from standard NFTs

Dynamic NFTs, which are also sometimes called "Living NFTs" use smart contracts to change their properties based on outside or external data sources. We explain below how Dynamic NFTs work.

What is the difference between crypto cold storage wallets like ledger and online hot storage wallets

With recent news about crypto related companies and exchanges having financial issues and stopping withdrawals of funds, some crypto holders look to cold storage wallets like ledger to put them in control of their crypto and its safety.

How to buy Solana NFTs?

With the explosion in popularity of NFTs, most of the buying and selling has occurred on Ethereum, however Solana has been quietly making a play at Ethereum's NFT dominance.

What is Plan B’s Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Chart?

The stock to flow model is a popular metric used by some analysts to try and forecast the future price of Bitcoin.

What is the Crypto Fear and Greed Index Metric

The Crypto Fear and Greed Index is a metric that was designed to measure the crypto market sentiment at any particular point in time.

How To Mine Bitcoins and Other Coins At Home and Is It Profitable?

Bitcoin mining is the process which actually creates new bitcoins by solving extremely difficult math problems with powerful computers in order to verify transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. When the new bitcoin is successfully mined, the bitcoin's miner will receive a pre-determined amount of Bitcoin for the work which helped secure the bitcoin network.

What is Etherscan and How to Use It

Etherscan is the most popular resource for Ethereum users who want to search, verify and approve transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Etherscan touts itself as the 'leading blockchain explorer, search, API and analytics platform for Ethereum.

MetaMask: Guided Instructions To Install and Configure

Getting started with MetaMask to access decentralized applications (dapps) and the web3 ecosystem may seem like a tall task from the outset, however the setup and configuration of MetaMask is actually relatively easy in comparison to other Ethereum wallets. In most cases, the installation and configuration of MetaMask will only take a few minutes. Our updated installation and configuration guide will walk you through the process.

What is MetaMask and How To Use It?

MetaMask describes itself as a crypto wallet and a gateway to blockchain applications. It is simply a web browser extension that is designed for accessing decentralized applications or (Dapp's) on Ethereum. It also provides its users a crypto wallet to store ERC-20 tokens (tokens on the the Ethereum blockchain) to access different services on the Ethereum network.