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MetaMask: Guided Instructions To Install and Configure

Getting started with MetaMask to access decentralized applications (dapps) and the web3 ecosystem may seem like a tall task from the outset, however the setup and configuration of MetaMask is actually relatively easy in comparison to other Ethereum wallets. In most cases, the installation and configuration of MetaMask will only take a few minutes. Our updated installation and configuration guide will walk you through the process.

MetaMask web browser extension compatibility requirements:

  • You must use a compatible web browser, compatible MetaMask browsers include Google’s Chrome browser, Firefox, Brave and Microsoft Edge
  • If using the Metamask mobile application, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

MetaMask browser extension installation instructions:

  • In your web browser, navigate to
  • Highlight the browser option you are using
  • Then click on the “Install MetaMask for Chrome (or other browser)” button
MetaMask Setup and Install, Web3, NFT, Defi, etherscan
MetaMask Setup
  • The installation of MetaMask will run
  • Once it completes, find the MetaMask icon (a small fox logo) at the top right corner of your browser where extensions are displayed.
  • Click the MetaMask extension icon, then click “Get Started” and you will then be presented with 2 choices
MetaMask Installation and Setup, NFT, Defi, Metamask ethereum, ETH, Web3
MetaMask Setup
  • Choice 1 is “Import Wallet”, we will not be picking this choice for this tutorial as this is for MetaMask users who have already setup a wallet previously on another device and want to import that existing wallet on this new device or browser.
  • Choice 2 is “Create a Wallet”, this is what we will be picking for this tutorial as we want to create a brand new MetaMask wallet.
    • After picking “Create a Wallet”, you will need to agree to MetaMask’s disclaimer
  • Next you will create a password for MetaMask, choose a password and click “Create”.
    • Please make SURE to make note of the password you create as you will need to enter it when trying to access your MetaMask wallet in the future.
MetaMask Setup, MetaMask, Ethereum, ETH, Defi, dapp, web3, etherscan
MetaMask – create password

MetaMask secret backup phrase:

At this point, Metamask will provide you with your personal backup phrase that consists of 12 words. The notification will alert you that your backup phrase makes it easy to back up and restore your MetaMask account. It will also warn you to “Never disclose your backup phrase. Anyone with this phrase can take your Ether forever. Click here to reveal secret words.

This secret recovery phrase consisting of 12 random words needs to be written down and stored safely. The order and spelling of the words are relevant. This phrase simply acts as a backup in case you lost access to your PC, laptop or mobile device and needed to restore your MetaMask wallet to a different device.

Metamask setup, metamask, Secret Seed, Backup phrase, etherscan, NFT, Defi
  • MetaMask will then ask you to enter in the 12 word phrase in the correct order to move on the next steps
MetaMask Setup, Confirm Backup Phrase, Metamask
  • Now click “confirm”.
  • On the next page, click “All Done” and you have now successfully setup your MetaMask wallet!

You will now be automatically logged into your new MetaMask wallet. If you ever logged out of the MetaMask wallet, you can simply click the MetaMask icon (fox) at the top right of the browser and enter your password to regain entry.

To learn how to use MetaMask, please read our article “What is MetaMask and How To Use It” for detailed instructions.


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