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Ethereum “Merge” Edges Closer To Full Deployment After the Final Public Testnet Kiln Launched.

Ethereum 2.0 or Consensus layer as it is now called, is one step closer to reality. The Ethereum foundation has announced that developers can now run through a full testing on the Kiln Testnet.

The Ethereum Foundation announced on March 14 that network shareholders should use Kiln to run tests. This confirms that the Ethereum Kiln testnet is now available for use, and the testing network will β€œensure a smooth transition on existing public testnets.”

Ethereum, ETH, ETH2.0, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Kiln, Merge
Ethereum 2.0 or Consensus Layer

What is the Kiln Testnet

Kiln testnet is the final phase of the Ethereum merge testnets. The previous testnet was named ‘Kingsugi’ and was launched late last year. Kiln will be the final testnet before the Ethereum blockchain converts over to a proof of stake blockchain from its current state as a proof of work blockchain.

Ethereum developer Tim Beiko recently tweeted that the Kiln testnet successfully passed the Ethereum Merge, with validators successfully producing post-merge blocks containing transactions.

The Ethereum Foundation also wrote:

“This merge signals the culmination of six years of research and development in Ethereum and will result in a more secure network, predictable block times, and a 99.98%+ reduction in power use when it is released on mainnet later in 2022.”

Ethereum, ETH, ETH2.0, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Kiln, Merge
ETH 2.0 or Consensus Layer

Issues With the Kiln Launch?

Although the launch of Kiln is widely considered a successful event, there was one notable issue reported during testing. According to Kiln explorer, there were some errors related to contract creation. Tim Beiko stated a client was not producing blocks consistently, although “the network is stable, with >2/3rd of validators correctly finalizing.”

On the official Ethereum Foundation roadmap, the merge upgrade will be delivered by the end of Q2, 2022.


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