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MetaMask Now Allows Iphone Users to Purchase Crypto Via Apple Pay

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The Ethereum based Web3 wallet MetaMask is rolling out updates that will integrate the crypto wallet with Apple Pay for Iphone and iOS users, enabling cryptocurrency purchases.

There is however a small caveat as at this time Apple does not support direct purchases of cryptocurrency via its own platform. The workaround is to purchase the crypto through Wyre, which does integrate with Apple Pay and supports Crypto.

IPhone 13

The new updates will also allow users to purchase crypto with credit and debit cards, so the users will not be required to send over Etheruem or Ethereum based ERC-20 tokens to the MetaMask app. With the Wyre API, Apple Pay users will be able to send a up to $400 dollars into their MetaMask wallet.

MetaMask announces iOS update allowing purchases of Crypto for Apple Pay users

Key Notes about MetaMask:

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